The HR Dilemma – Relocation Services: In-house or Outsource?

28 July 2021, The NetherlandsWe are almost in the final stretch of what could be called the beginning of the post-COVID era and travels being possible again. In this new phase, your company may want to resume the recruitment plans that were put on hold for almost a year. Perhaps even the volume of talent acquisition in the team will grow considerably in the coming months.

Still indecisive between outsourcing or coordinating and planning the relocation of your new hires inhouse? If you have not yet decided on the strategy for managing and welcoming new hires into your company, keep reading. There are several factors to have in mind when making this decision, and it might not be applicable for every candidate, however, check them out as a starting point to evaluate what is the best approach for your company and you.

Finance – Anyone would think that financial matters are the main feature to look at when considering outsourcing. Surprisingly enough, often outsourcing certain services is the cheapest way to go about it. When you outsource the service, you also outsource the problems, and this is the best way to invest and avoid cost overruns!

Mind the volume – You might have helped one or two new colleagues with their onboarding process when coming from abroad and given them a hand here and there. Handling too many people’s new lives (Governmental compliance, 30% ruling application, home finding, moving goods, driving license exchange, school search, partner support, setting up utilities, etc.) all at the same time on top of your already busy schedule can be too much.

Being able to rely on PIRGROUP, a trusted partner with a solid policy, will give you peace of mind, as you can be sure that all your new hires’ needs are addressed and in good hands.

Expertise – It is only very recently that companies are starting to realize that they have a golden asset on their HR team and start making role and job description differentiation between Admin, Payroll, Learning and Development, Recruiting, Talent Retention, etc.

Relocation, also known as the Global Mobility department, is no different. Do not – wrongfully – assume that your team can do this too just because they speak the local language and it is related to “apparently easy” tasks such as looking for houses online or calling the Municipal offices. Anybody can do that! Having a well-structured and successful relocation & onboarding process free of hiccups however requires deep and constantly updated experienced knowledge of local policies, rules and practices.

Why does it seem that most HR department do not doubt about outsourcing when it comes to Immigration matters? At PIRGROUP we understand that Relocation can be just as complex as Immigration, so for a smooth process: outsourcing relocation services would be a good bet.

Happy employee, productive employee – Happiness would perhaps be one of the most subtle but more relevant factors. When hiring, one of the main goals of the business is for your new employee to be up and running as soon as possible. When this newcomer struggles with finding the right school for their kid, the internet connection is not installed properly, or when they need to run home because of a sudden leakage – they are instantly unfocused, distracted, not happy and of course out of the office. The entire experience for both the company and the employee is way easier and cost-effective when the new employee can have all these matters on someone else’s lap!

Equal support amongst new employees – Over the years working with many companies, we have quite often received the following feedback: “… and then the employee complained because their colleague received this and that…” Outsourcing the service enables you to ensure that all the new hires will always receive the same quality and quantity support, preventing internal conflicts and discrepancies that help them being equally appreciated and therefore creating a much stronger sense of belonging to the team and the company.

Every employee is unique for the PIRGROUP team!

Data, data, data – Another key advantage of having relocation services like PIRGROUP’s on your side is easy access and management of the most important data you must keep track of; you decide what documents and details are relevant for you to handle and not, you determine the deadline to obtain the Tax and Social Security Number of the employee and you request the way in which this data must be provided to you. This will save you long hours of work and gives you access to the most accurate information with full compliance and confidentiality.

Still in doubt? Feeling worried about the budget that you have been given? Wondering how the logistics work? Don’t hestitate to contact us or call us at the phone number +31 (0) 85 – 620 4900. We would be more than happy to explain in detail the processes and how can we help and to give you all the information you need before you bring the Project Outsourcing Relocation to your boss’ desk!

By Laida Palacio, Senior Relocation & Immigration Consultant at PIRGROUP The Netherlands.