Tenancy Management

Managing payments for your employees’ rental properties, along with onboarding various landlords and utility providers through your financial system, can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Speed and timing are critical factors when it comes to renting a property.

At PIRGROUP, we understand this urgency and can handle urgent payments such as rental deposits, agency fees, and first-month rent to secure move-in dates. Additionally, we can manage ongoing rental payments and monthly utility costs, alleviating the burden from your system.

  • Payment of first month costs such as deposit, monthly rent and if applicable agency fee costs
  • Payment of monthly rent and utilities
  • Reporting and overviews of the monthly payments

Property related support

Besides the timely payments and reliable reporting, we are able to offer additional valuable support throughout the rental process such as:

  • Check-in reports
  • Pre-check out services
  • Check-out reports
  • Coordination of (professional) cleaning
  • Coordination of repairments