Trainings and workshops

With our specialized training programs, HR professionals can effectively fulfil their role as trusted advisors and advocates for their international workforce, making sure that their organizations stay informed, compliant, and prepared for the challenges of international relocation. Invest in your success with our expert-led training sessions tailored to your unique needs.

Immigration Non-EU nationals Compliance training

Embark on a comprehensive journey through Dutch Immigration Law with our expert-led training programme. Delve into practical tips and tricks tailored to your company’s compliance needs, guided by insights, knowledge, and real-world examples shared by our Senior Immigration Consultant. Explore various types of work permit applications beyond the standard ones, including Trainees, Interns, Cross-border workers, and more. Additionally, have your most pressing HR questions answered by our Immigration Specialist. Led by immigration experts, this program provides invaluable guidance on compliance requirements, visa processes, and legal obligations, ensuring a smooth and compliant immigration process for both individuals and businesses.

30% tax ruling training

Join us for the 30% tax ruling training session and unlock the full potential of the 30% tax ruling. Led by a Senior Tax Ruling Consultant, this specialized program offers practical tips, insights, and examples tailored to your needs. Specially designed for HR professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the ruling’s fundamentals, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and ongoing compliance requirements. Have your most pressing HR questions answered by our Tax Ruling Specialist, and equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to maximize tax benefits while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Extended (housing) market workshops

In today’s competitive housing market in The Netherlands, supporting international professionals in finding suitable accommodations can be a daunting task for HR teams. Our specially designed extended housing market workshops offer HR professionals invaluable insights and guidance to effectively manage their international professionals’ housing expectations and preparations.

Empowering HR for Dutch Housing Success​

Our workshops focus on equipping HR professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricacies of the Dutch housing market on behalf of their international employees. Participants will gain a deep understanding of local rental procedures, housing options, and market trends, enabling them to provide tailored guidance and support to their teams.

Through practical strategies and case studies, HR professionals will learn how to effectively manage international professionals’ expectations, prepare them for the challenges of the housing market, and ensure a smooth transition into comfortable living arrangements. From setting realistic housing expectations to providing guidance on rental agreements and negotiations, our workshops empower HR professionals to support their international professionals with confidence and competence.