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Operational team


Manouk effortlessly juggles the entire global mobility portfolio and is open-minded, always willing to discuss the best possible options for clients. With her calm and serious approach, she not only provides the best solutions but is also a pleasant sparring partner. Manouk is open and vibrant, adventurous, and always up for a challenge. She connects easily with everyone, be it her teammates, assignees, or clients, and every task she has on her plate is performed with thoroughness and joy.


Sorayda makes every impossible situation bearable with her sense of humor and possesses a superpower that grants her the ability to detect and eliminate potential roadblocks long before they even have a chance to cross her clients’ paths. Always aiming for perfectionism and thinking out-of-the-box, she finds the most accurate solution in non-standard situations, leading to a well-structured process. She effortlessly clears the way for success, leaving her clients amazed and grateful for the smooth journey ahead.


She’s a silent locomotive, often behind the scenes but excelling in delegation and delivering on responsibilities. With her warm, caring personality and comforting smile, she’s solid and reliable. Known for her friendliness, attentive listening, and insightful advice, she excels as a sparring partner, prioritizing clear communication and personal touch. Moreover, she’s highly creative with her word choice, skillfully weaving stories into explanations. This helps others absorb and retain information effectively.


Carmen is eager to learn new things no matter what field, always curious, flexible and ready to help. With the ability to create peace in a wave of chaos and to stay positive no matter the obstacle. She is a smart-thinking learner, and her enthusiastic and open expression makes clients happily look forward to their relocation. At the office, her big smile, positive attitude and entertaining (small) talks bring the sunshine that we all need.


Her passion infuses even the most mundane tasks with excitement, while her sharp eye for detail, helicopter view, and empathy allow her to effectively organize and prioritize. She’s known for her warmth and generosity, making others feel at ease and confident in her abilities. A true team player, she goes above and beyond to help wherever needed, thinking creatively and finding solutions beyond the obvious hiccups.


Miranda is the safety net you need in your life, embodying a warm and good-natured personality. She’s great with numbers and handles challenging situations like, especially with diverse individuals encountered at work, on the phone, and in private interactions. Miranda is your typical Dutch persona, characterized by direct communication and the Dutch principle of “Doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg” (“Don’t overestimate yourself, but excel in your job beyond expectations”). Additionally, she’s known for her humour, positivity, and a special taste in music. Despite her busy schedule, Miranda always manages to prioritize and make time for those around her.


She is a warm-hearted person with attention to each individual crossing her path, always looking for the positive things in life and making life easier for others with her dedication and accuracy. Kind, patient, and understanding, she knows how to approach everyone, being helpful, caring, and loyal. She shines brightest when the vibe is good and people are okay.


She gives her heart to everything she does, embodying dedication and warmth in her work. As an extraverted individual, she is open and welcoming to anyone she encounters. In her role as a field consultant, she is dedicated to preparing the best-customized face-to-face assistance for assignees, along with precision and thouroughness.


Farzaneh is a thorough investigator, possessing an electrifying superpower that allows her to untangle even the trickiest tasks with a contagious smile on her face. Despite her sweet demeanour, she’s incredibly sharp, especially when it comes to accounting and numbers. Her precision and dependability make collaborating with her a joy. Fearlessly diving into complex situations, she uses her impressive problem-solving skills to tackle any challenge. With Farzaneh on our team, we can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that our worries will melt away as she works her magic.


She masters the art of relocating everything and everyone, always staying calm and dedicated. With her patience, dedication, curiosity, bright mind, and critical thinking, it sometimes seems she can do magic on the job! Her ability to seamlessly blend these qualities makes her fluid and hybrid in whatever she does, ensuring she excels in the best possible way.


Ina possesses the remarkable ability to defy negativity, transforming it into positivity and hope. She is committed to everything she does. Alongside her resilience, Ina’s patience and kindness are sources of pride. She extends warmth to everyone she encounters, remaining dedicated to realizing her dreams of creating a better world, particularly within relocation, immigration and and international community overall. With her creativity, Ina’s dreams gradually materialize into reality. Additionally, she possesses the superpower of being convincing, especially in areas such as Dutch traditions 😉


He’s like a creative spider in the web, connecting aspects and dots. Always funny, with a positive attitude, and incredibly helpful. Being one of the most cheerful persons at PIRGROUP, he brightens every day with his vibes and carries out his work with a smile. With a well-rounded personality, he picks up and supports new projects, but mainly contributing greatly to our planning department. Furthermore, he’s very precise, capable of seeing situations from all sides, and is known for his kindness and dedication.


Karin is there for you to help you through the rough time, focused on professionalism. With clear communication and quick actions, clients can trust Karin will make their relocation smooth and effective. She is cheerful and positive, appreciating a great joke and making work lunches lots of fun. Karin is very committed and easy in making new relationships, which makes her also a great negotiator.


Freek comes with jokes at the speed of light, spreading laughter wherever he goes. Whether assisting clients in the field or at the office, he’s an explosion of positive energy, bringing smiles and reassurance with his bright ideas. Freek radiates vivacious energy capable of brightening even the gloomiest days. Drawing upon his irresistible positivity, he envelops clients in warmth, instilling hope and resilience. No matter the circumstances, Freek’s magnetic charisma inspires others to overcome obstacles with newfound purpose.


Joke brings calm and gratitude to the team, effortlessly handling problems with professionalism. She’s a master at staying positive, even in tough situations. With just a smile and a kind word, she makes everyone feel hopeful and reassured. When things get tough, Joke fearlessly tells us everything will be okay, turning fear into courage and uncertainty into hope. Get ready, because Joke’s positivity is about to lift your spirits and remind you that things will get better.


Helena is like that caring and smart friend and colleague you can rely on. She’s super curious about everything, which helps her stay calm and positive even in tough times. With lots of experience helping people move to new places, she’s great at making sure everything goes smoothly by talking things through and working together. People love how warm and helpful she is, always ready to share what she knows. Even when things get busy, she stays cool and focused on doing her best.