Pay it Forward

Embracing the “growing tree” concept, PIRGROUP firmly believes in nurturing and giving back to the community. As a company, we’ve remained dedicated to supporting charitable causes and aiding the underprivileged. Each year, we contribute to a minimum of 10 diverse causes, often selected by our team members themselves. Additionally, we maintain steadfast support for two organizations that hold special significance to us:

Relocate the profit

This is an industry wide project with 50 members from the global mobility industry. For every invoice we send, we donate 1 euro to the cause chosen by the members of Relocate the Profit. At the moment the cause supported is Livingstone Tanzania Trust. The whole PIRGROUP team is happy, proud and motivated to be contributing to the initiatives of Relocate the Profit  as the team does something extra for a better world with every service delivery/ invoice. Its really the small steps that lead to a giant leap.

Emma School

Emma School in Kombo Kerewan Gambia – this cause is very close to our hearts as planting a seed is believing in tomorrow! We were genuinely touched and impressed witnessing the seeds planted with the creation of Emma School. Following our visit in January 2024, PIRGROUP is dedicated to continuously supporting the school's development and ensuring access to education for all children. It's a humbling privilege to contribute to the growth of this remarkable institution and the well-being of its students.