Relocation Care

Embarking on a journey to a new country is without a doubt a big step in one’s life. At PIRGROUP, we understand the significance of this transition, which is why our dedicated team of relocation professionals is here to support you and your international hire every step of the way. From the initial arrival at temporary accommodation to the final settlement in the permanent home, we are committed to guiding your international employee through this exciting process.


PIRGROUP works on the principle one client- one consultant. PIRGROUP can assist but not limited to the following classic relocation services:

  • Pre-arrival decision trips and video consults if your international hire is not yet sure whether they would like to come to The Netherlands so all their questions can be answered and worries can be taken away
  • Area Orientation
  • Home- Finding
  • Legal support on Rental matters
  • Move-in compliancy package
  • Settling- in Services
  • School Search
  • Pet Support
  • Coordination of Household Goods/Move Management
  • Coordination of Furniture Rental
  • Coordination of Partner Career Services and Language courses via our trusted partner network
  • Departure Services
  • Group services: such as group Area Orientation tours, workshops organized per specific topic (such as Home-Finding or Settling-in) in cases of group moves