PIRGROUP welcomes Iveta Berkolde as Managing Partner!

PIRGROUP Latvia, responsible for the Baltic, CEE and CIS countries is happy to announce the return of Iveta Berkolde as a Managing Partner! Iveta has more than 12 years of experience in the Global Mobility Industry, big part of which was spent on building up and developing PIRGROUP. After a few years of being away, the whole team is very excited and looking forward to the future with having Iveta back on board!

Iveta will join forces with the Management team of PIRGROUP The Netherlands – Ina and Miranda, aiming to bring to two companies working very closely together and combining the strengths, experience, ideas and enthusiasm of the different offices and most importantly of the diverse cultures.

PIRGROUP’s team is truly international and the main common value Iveta, Ina and Miranda share is that our team is our asset! In the past two years, the Dutch team has become truly involved in the company and is the driving force of the success of PIRGROUP. The next logical step, being the involvement of the PIRGROUP Latvia team, achieving synergies and making the company much stronger and equipped for the changing demands of the global mobility industry.

The core values of the company are well preserved, while the forward thinking culture is encouraged, and innovation is combined with tradition!

The guiding principles which the three managing ladies share are:

  • Open communication
  • Empowerment
  • Empathy

And this could be seen both internally within our own teams, as well as externally with our partners and clients!

Iveta will apply her global mobility experience and knowledge, together with her cross-cultural expertise to re-design and expand our service portfolio in the PIRGROUP destinations: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania and Moldova, as well as to ensure the highest quality of service delivery.