PIRGROUP Corona Updates – Further restrictions

21 January 2021, The Netherlands – A highly contagious mutation of the corona virus has entered The Netherlands. On Wednesday the 20th of January, the minster president of the Netherlands announced that as of upcoming weekend Saturday the 23rd of January they want to implement a curfew between 9PM until 4.30AM. Similar measures are already in effect in countries like France and Belgium. Only with an employer’s statement or for essential care duties it is fine to be outside during those hours or if people need to walk their dogs. This measure would be in effect until at least the 9th of February, which is also the date until when the lock-down is extended. There are some other exceptions to the curfew, but these are limited and focused on vital professions. Not having a valid reason for being outside during these hours can lead to a 95 euros fine.

More restrictions:

  • On top of that, as of the upcoming weekend, the authorities are also introducing a flight ban from the United Kingdom, South Africa and countries in South America.
  • The self-quarantine that was initially an urgent advice is expected to have a more mandatory nature – including quarantine checks. It would take some time to implement this measure in law. Until then the flight ban will remain in place.
  • Apart from the already required negative PCR test result, travelers must now also undergo a speed corona-test upon arrival.
  • Another further restriction is that visitors at home are reduced to up to one person instead of two per 24 hours as of the 20th January.

The idea is that the further restrictions will contribute to the possibility to reopen the schools and day cares as of the 8th of February.

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