We are very happy and pleased with the acquisition of Personal Relocation B.V. as of January 1, 2020!

Personal Relocation B.V. (Personal Relocation) and Partners in Relocation Group (PIRGROUP) have joined forces – combining tradition, knowledge, experience and expertise with innovation and a modern approach in serving their clients.

Personal Relocation was established in 1997, followed by PIRGROUP in 1998 in the Netherlands. Both companies are part of the founding members of the ARPN (Association of Relocation Professionals The Netherlands), the non-profit branch organization for companies providing relocation & immigration services.

The two companies worked closely together in the past 20 years, taking full ownership of any relevant problems and solving them via custom-made services in a quick and efficient manner.

Recently, Linda van Santen, owner of Personal Relocation, decided to take a step back with her company.

PIRGROUP The Netherlands would take over the clients and customers of Personal Relocation, as well as its staff, ensuring the same high-level service delivery and personal approach that they are used to.

In the last weeks of 2019, the management of PIRGROUP already visited various clients of Personal Relocation with Linda van Santen. During the discussions it became clear that the working methods of the two companies match perfectly and the combined approach would be only more beneficial for the clients. The two companies are big enough to provide good service and have in depth knowledge of all major cities in The Netherlands, but we are also still small enough (and independent) to add a personal touch so that each assignee gets the individual attention he/she needs.

Personal Relocation and PIRGROUP both chose not to rely on aggressive sales methods, but happy clients, word of mouth and continued improvement of service delivery. Our guiding motto is that we would rather lose money than trust. Therefore, we focus a great deal on client service and the skills and competences of our team members, considering that excellent service involves going the extra mile.

Besides in The Netherlands, PIRGROUP is also present in the Baltics States, Central and Eastern Europe and Caucaus. With this acquisition, PIRGROUP will be one of the market leaders in Europe in the field of immigration and relocation solutions.

PIRGROUP is group-wide EuRA Quality Seal Certified (the equivalent of the ISO 9001) since 2011 and successfully passed the re-certification audits in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019, working in full compliance with the applicable Dutch legislations and government rules.

We would like to thank Linda for her trust in PIRGROUP, we are looking forward to welcoming her team and clients and working together with all of you in the coming years!

On behalf of PIRGROUP:

Ina Zhekova and Miranda de Keijzer (directors)