COVID-19 – International Travel Updates for Expats

In this post we would like to inform about the latest updates about the measures from the Dutch authorities.

International travel updates

The travel ban for travelling to The Netherlands (but also to The United Kingdom or other EU/Schengen countries) has been extended until the 1st of July 2020. As mentioned in our previous post, those who are holders of a valid MVV entry visa are exempted from the travel ban. Other persons who are exempted from the travel ban are EU citizens, UK nationals, those who have a Dutch residence permit card or an residence permit card from another EU country and all those who are listed under exceptions here. To be exempted from the travel ban means that you will be allowed access into The Netherlands and are allowed to be present on the Dutch territory after arrival. At the moment, appointments at the Dutch embassies for MVV entry visas cannot be scheduled. Below we have summed up the processing of MVVs by the embassies:

  • Issuance of MVV entry visa  Dutch embassies will still not issue these visas at the moment unless there is an urgent case. There would be an urgent case if you are a highly skilled migrant, employee or researcher with work or research that falls under an essential profession or vital processes. In that case, you would only to be able to obtain the visa sooner if you can manage to travel to The Netherlands without restrictions and if you can explain the urgency which must be related to the essential profession or vital process.
  • Collecting MVV entry visa Currently it is not possible to collect the MVV entry visa at the Dutch embassies. When the appointment at the embassy already took place and the collecting of the passport with MVV was not possible within 3 months due to closure of the embassy and/or lockdown in the country you are based, the period for collecting the MVV is extended with another 3 months. This means that the MVV can be collected within 180 days of the date that your residence was approved. There is however one condition: you must prove that you were unable to collect the MVV in time because of COVID-19 and/or the closure of the consular desk.
  • Expiry of MVV entry visa and flight restrictions For those who have collected their MVV, but due to travel restrictions did not manage to travel to The Netherlands within 90 days after the issuance of the MVV, the embassy can issue a new MVV if it can be proved that travelling was not possible due to flight restrictions or other COVID-19 measures.

Important immigration updates in the Netherlands


  • For those with an MVV: The IND desks are open for appointments to collect a resident permit card only when you travelled to The Netherlands with an MVV entry visa and the card you want to collect concerns a first residence permit. The IND will then contact us – if we assisted you with your immigration process – or you directly by phone to make an appointment for collecting the card. It is not needed to contact the IND yourself.
  • For those who are visa-exempted and do not need an MVV: When you travelled to The Netherlands without an MVV entry visa because you are visa-exempted, you have received a positive decision on your first application for a residence permit, you can now make an appointment again at the IND for your biometrics.
  • For all other situations that do not fall under the two above mentioned situations, it is not possible to make an appointment with the IND desk until further notice.

Please feel free to contact us at the phone number +31 (0) 345 580 381. We would be more than happy to answer your questions!