30% Tax Ruling Salary Criteria for 2022

27 December 2021, The Netherlands – One of the requirements for international employees to be eligible for the 30% tax ruling in the Netherlands is to have certain specific knowledge that is not easily found in the Netherlands itself. The tax authorities (Belastingdienst) measure this criterion by looking at the annual taxable income a new employee will earn. Each year the criteria concerning the annual taxable income change. Below are the new salary criteria of the coming year, which have yet to be published by the tax authorities.

Salary requirements 2022:

  • The annual taxable income for an employee must be at least € 39,467
    (2021: € 38,961)
  • The annual taxable income for an employee with a master degree equal to a Dutch master degree and who is younger than 30 years old, must be at least € 30,001
    (2021: € 29,616)

Make sure to follow the new salary criteria when applying for or implementing the 30% tax ruling.

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